3-LB Bucket of Glassy Clear Gue + Mix-Ins

10 Days of Gue Sweet Retreat Advent Calendar

Unicorn Dream Gue Variety Pack

How to Make Slime

When it comes to the fun, vibrant world of slime, Elmer’s has everything you need. Transform Elmer’s glue into satisfying slime with our slime and slime kits to add an extra layer of fun towards your day. Want to play with slime right out of the jar? Put away the mixing bowls and spatulas and discover the fun of Elmer’s Gue, a premade slime that comes ready to play with right out of its slime container. Our premade slime includes glow in the dark slime, butter slime, scented slime, crunchy slime, and glitter slimes. Want to make homemade slime? There are always new ways to create slime! Make your own DIY slime with Elmer’s slime ingredients. We always have new products to keep the slime going including new glues, slime activators, and more. Interested in learning new slime recipes and projects? Check out our slime blog to expand your knowledge of the world of slime.