How to Make Mosaic Pumpkins with No Carving

No carving required! These mosaic pumpkins are perfect addition to your Halloween decorations!

Supplies Needed

  • Paint brushes
  • Elmer's Classic Glitter Glue
  • Pumpkins (big or small, real or fake, orange or white - whatever works best for you!)
  • Colorful Tissue Paper (dark colors show up better)
  • Paper Plate


This example shows glitter glue but Elmer's School Glue works well also!


  1. First cut your tissue paper into small circles {or any shape/design you like}
  2. Next squirt some glue on a paper plate. Grab your paint brush, dip it in the glue and then on the pumpkin. Working in small sections, paint some glue on the pumpkin, then add your tissue paper circles on top and finish off with more glue on top to seal in the tissue paper. Repeat until your pumpkin is completely covered or you have the mosaic design you like.
  3. Once done, set aside to let it dry completely before displaying proudly! {psst – before the glue dries completely, you also add more glitter on top to really give it flair!}