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Elmer's Squishies Refill Pack, 5 Mystery Characters

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Final Sale: may not be returned or exchanged
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Squish, stretch, and squeeze your way into the fun, colorful world of Elmer’s Squishies! This Secret Solution refill pack lets you create 5 additional Elmer's Squishies toys with your reusable Mystery Mold (sold separately). The safe, nontoxic formula and easy-to-mix components make Elmer's Squishies perfect for kids ages 6 and up. Try experimenting with different Elmer’s Pourable Glues to create custom variations of your Elmer's Squishies mystery characters. Whether you’re looking for creative fidget toys or inventive kids’ activities, Elmer’s Squishies will inspire your child’s imagination!
  • Use with Elmer’s Squishies Mystery Molds (sold separately) to create 5 additional squishy toys
  • Squish, stretch, and scrunch your Elmer's Squishies mystery characters for the perfect fidget toys
  • Mix, pour, and play with your Elmer's Squishie in 60 minutes!
  • Safe and nontoxic, perfect for kids age 6 and up
  • Includes 5 each: Secret Solution A & B
  • Model: 2176572
  • Color: Mixed
  • Pack Size: 5 Count - 10 Pieces
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