Can you make Slime dance? Mystery box slime challenge! | #ElmersWhatIf


Thanks Elmer’s for sponsoring this unboxing! When we got asked if we wanted to do a mystery unboxing challenge - we accepted! We're no strangers to testing slime recipes and adding crazy mix-ins, but can you drop the beat on slime? We're testing different slimes to find out if we can make it dance on a speaker. Can we turn this slime into something crazy? Find out in this DIY slime challenge. If you have a crazy slime idea, let's hear it. Comment on our Instagram channel and for more wild and new videos, follow the hashtag #ElmersWhatIF Thank you Elmer's for challenging us!

@Will It Slime?

We gave slime makers a mystery box challenge and they responded! Check back often for new videos and new slime inspiration! Or follow all the fun on our Instagram page @elmersproducts or the tag #elmerswhatif.