We made the UNIVERSE with 500 BOTTLES OF GLUE!! | #ElmersWhatIf

Krew! When Elmer’s asks if you want to take their What If Mystery Unboxing Challenge... say YES!!! We’ve made a lot of slime before for all sorts of occasions, but now we can officially say we made our own SLIME UNIVERSE. Using an awesome planetarium and 500 bottles of glue, we've discovered and made our own permanent OUT OF THIS WORLD hangout spot!! Comment down below your slime What If?! Once you make your own Slime Universe, nothing is off the table! For more crazy videos, follow the hashtag #elmerswhatif


We gave slime makers a mystery box challenge and they responded! Check back often for new videos and new slime inspiration! Or follow all the fun on our Instagram page @elmersproducts or the tag #elmerswhatif.