I Made A HUGE Slime Art Masterpiece - #ElmersWhatIf Slime Challenge | #ElmersWhatIf

Today I am doing something different for my channel. Thanks to Elmer's, I am doing a huge slime art challenge that combines art and slime in a super interesting and unique way. I am using slime to paint an enormous “paint-by-number” which was a 6 foot by 6 foot custom made canvas! I’m kind of a newbie with slime, but I definitely got some practice with this video! I got to make lots of cool colors including metallic and glitter slimes. Making slime was so easy with Elmer’s “Magical Liquid” slime activator. I can’t believe I hadn’t used this before! The whole process is super satisfying to watch and I’m glad to have tried something new. I hope you all enjoy the video!

@Moriah Elizabeth


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