Your Favorite Slime Makers Take the #elmerswhatif Challenge

When it comes to slime, Elmer’s has been proud to play a starring role in many thrilling and imaginative creations. Our innovative glues and activators have been helping professional and amateur slime makers explore the endless possibilities of slime.

So, we wanted to see what would happen if we challenged our favorite slime stars to push the boundaries of Elmer’s and take slime to the next level.

It’s a fun challenge we’re calling #elmerswhatif. We’re asking questions like: What if you made a mirror out of slime? What if you made an island surrounded by slime? What if you used slime to create a ball pit?

And our slime makers rose to the challenge! We’ve collected some of our favorite video responses here, but we’re getting new submissions every day. Check back often to see some of the mind-bending ways slime makers are tackling the challenge.

Follow the fun on our Instagram page @elmersproducts or the tag #elmerswhatif. With new challenges being added all the time, you’ll find tons of inspiration for your own slime creations!