In today’s video, Lizzy Capri and the team compete in the Sumo Ball Slime Challenge. Elmer's challenged Lizzy to their #ElmersWhatIf mystery unboxing challenge and Lizzy, Carter, Stove and Ryan all competed in three epic challenges incorporating Elmer's slime kit! In the first challenge, Lizzy and Ryan team up for the sumo slime stretch and compete against Carter and Stove in an effort to create the longest slime stretch. In the second challenge, Ryan and Stove make DIY slime and compete to pick up the most colored slime balls from the tarp. In the final challenge, Lizzy and Carter compete in the last to leave the slime pit challenge! Watch to find out who wins the entire sumo ball slime challenge.

@Lizzy Capri

We gave slime makers a mystery box challenge and they responded! Check back often for new videos and new slime inspiration! Or follow all the fun on our Instagram page @elmersproducts or the tag #elmerswhatif.