Elmer's What If!? Challenge | DIY Slime Salon | #ElmersWhatIf


Can you believe it? Elmer’s sent me a huge mystery box and challenged me to create a wig made of SLIME! Like you would see in a normal salon, they sent me products like hair gel, shampoo and conditioner to make my slime fluffy, stretchy and easy to style the slime on top of a mannequin head. We made soooo many batches of slime with different colors and tried out so many styles – it was the most fun challenge! What happens when I try to comb and style my slime into a bun? You’ll have to watch this challenge to find out! Follow #ElmersWhatIf to see what other crazy Elmer’s Mystery Unboxing Challenge is next #slime #slimechallenge

Coco Quinn | @Quinn Sisters

We gave slime makers a mystery box challenge and they responded! Check back often for new videos and new slime inspiration! Or follow all the fun on our Instagram page @elmersproducts or the tag #elmerswhatif.