Craziest Slime Challenge EVER! Balloon Pop Slime with our FEET! | #ElmersWhatIf

This is a Paid Partnership with Elmer's Products. For those of you who have asked us to make slime with our feet, today is your lucky day!! Elmer’s challenged us to step up our slime game and we accepted! This EPIC #ElmersWhatIf Mystery Unboxing Challenge is the biggest, craziest, and messiest slime challenge we have ever done…it was so much fun!! No hands, no problem, we let our special shoes do the stomping. Don’t forget to follow #ElmersWhatIf to see what other epic Elmer’s Mystery Unboxing challenges.

Taylor & Vanessa

We gave slime makers a mystery box challenge and they responded! Check back often for new videos and new slime inspiration! Or follow all the fun on our Instagram page @elmersproducts or the tag #elmerswhatif.