Fun Things to Do While You Stay-At-Home

Staying home can be hard right now. We get that. So, we’ve collected some of our favorite activities, videos, and STEAM projects, to make your household’s stay-at-home a bit more fun.

Try them alone or together. They’re great either way. And don’t worry about getting it perfect. Now’s the time to wing it and have fun! You don’t even have to finish, just go at your own pace!

These activities are a great way to:

Keep Everyone Entertained

You’ll help everyone’s minds stay active and focused on a task. And, once the project is complete, you will have provided a sense of accomplishment.

Create Bonding Time

Getting everyone working together towards a common goal can alleviate some stress at home.

Take a Break

There’s a lot going on right now, so it’s important to take a breather. We hope these activities will help everyone keep their minds focused on something else, even if it’s just for a while.


Let’s get through this together,

The Team at Elmer’s