Top Tips & Tricks to Create Cardboard Cutout Crafts

Turn ordinary cardboard boxes into extraordinary kids crafts with our tips and tricks for cardboard cutout projects that keep your little ones innovating for hours. Let kids bring their cardboard creations to life with our kid-safe Build It Tools for custom cardboard cutout fun.


Now cardboard crafts for kids go as far as their imagination takes them with easy methods on how to fold and connect cardboard cutouts with our range of Screws, Brackets, Hinges, and Rivets specially designed for young, bright minds. Introduce a new world of wonder with kid-approved cardboard recycling crafts that bring on the fun all day long.

Cardoard Kids Craft Creations


  • Cardboard Boxes

Elmer's Build It Tools:

  • Holepunch & Screwdriver

  • Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool

  • Screws

  • Flat Brackets

  • 90˚ Brackets

  • Corner Brackets

  • Hinges

  • Rivets

Cardboard Cutting 101- How to Safely Cut Cardboard

Ensure you have enough space around you so the Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool faces away from the body. Keep control of the cardboard and a tight grip on the Cardboard Cutting Tool before cutting cardboard. Try practicing on scrap cardboard to make sure it is comfortable for your child. The Cardboard Cutting Tool should always be at least 8 inches from any face as you make your custom cardboard cutout.


Note. Elmer’s Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool should always be in the protective sleeve when not in use.

How to Fold Cardboard

Poke along the line where you want to fold your cardboard craft with our Kid-Safe Holepunch Tool. Make sure the holes don’t go all the way through the cardboard cutout. For a clean fold, grab another piece of cardboard to use as a straight line when poking holes. Then, crease and fold cardboard in as little as a snap. This technique is perfect for when you want to create a smaller cardboard box project or when you want to connect 2 cardboard walls with Screws!

How to Connect Cardboard

Punch a hole using the Holepunch Tool. Then, connect the 2 pieces of cardboard cutout shapes with Screws and our Kid-Safe Screwdriver Tool.

Elmer's Build It Tools turn your child's  imagination into real-life cardboard cutout creations. Our kid-safe cardboard cutting and connecting supplies safely and easily create cardboard crafts for kids ages 6+. Ensure safety even when tools aren't in use with the additional security of the snap-on protective sleeve for our Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool.


* Adult supervision required.


Click here to download a PDF of all Elmer's Build It Project Instructions.