Construct a Cardboard Robot Friend Like a Pro | Elmer's Build It Tools Tutorial

Program in a day's worth of delight with a DIY cardboard robot project kids can complete singlehandedly. Looking for budget-friendly fun that's also hands-on learning? Learn how to make a cardboard robot in six easy steps to engineer your very own pal from the future. Entertain yourself for hours as you wire your robo-buddy  with help from our kid-safe Elmer's Built It Tools Starter Set.

Cardboard Robot Instructional


  • Cardboard Boxes

Elmer's Build It Tools Starter Set:

  • Holepunch & Screwdriver

  • Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool

  • Screws

  • 90˚ Brackets

  • Flat Brackets


  1. Gather your cardboard boxes, Holepunch & Screwdriver, Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool, Screws, 90˚ Brackets, and Flat Brackets.

  2. Flatten 1 of the cardboard boxes by opening both ends and cutting down 1 corner. Then, cut down each crease to create 4 rectangles. Fold each rectangle into a square and connect using the Build It Tools 90˚ Brackets and Screws to create DIY robot arms and legs.

  3. Attach a box sized for the head to a smaller box for the neck of the cardboard robot using a Screw. Then, connect a bigger box for the body using a Screw. Take 2 pieces of cardboard that are folded in half and attach 1 side to the body and 1 side to the top of the arms of your cardboard box robot.

  4. Attach legs to the body using the Flat Brackets and Screws.

  5. Add Screws to the face and body to personalize  your cardboard robot.

  6. Enjoy your new robot friend!

Elmer's Build It Tools turn your child's  imagination into real-life cardboard cutout creations. Our kid-safe cardboard cutting and connecting supplies safely and easily create cardboard crafts for kids ages 6+. Ensure safety even when tools aren't in use with the additional security of the snap-on protective sleeve for our Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool.


*Adult supervision required.


Click here to download a PDF of all Elmer's Build It Project Instructions.