Build Your DIY Lemonade Stand | Elmer's Build It Tools Tutorial

Looking for fun lemonade stand ideas you can showcase to the whole neighborhood? Get ready to open for business with a DIY lemonade stand that's as easy as pouring a glass of, well, lemonade! Discover how to make a lemonade stand out of cardboard boxes in 5 simple steps!

Squeeze in a day of creativity using the Elmer's Build It Tools Starter Set to easily build your cardboard lemonade stand from scratch.

Cardboard Lemonade Stand  Instructional


  • Cardboard Boxes

Elmer's Build It Tools Starter Set:

  • Holepunch & Screwdriver

  • Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool

  • Screws

  • Flat Brackets
  • 90" Brackets


  1. Gather cardboard boxes, Holepunch & Screwdriver, Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool, Screws, and Brackets.

  2. With your Cardboard Cutting Tool, take 1 box and cut out 2 rectangles and 1 scalloped roof with folded edges, as pictured. Then, take 1 box and open one side with the flaps facing downward.

  3. Attach rectangles to each side of the downward facing open box with 1 Flat Bracket and 2 Screws on both sides. Then connect your scalloped roof design to the top of your rectangle sides with 1 90˚ Bracket and 2 Screws on each side. This will be the top of your lemonade stand.

  4. Customize your lemonade stand by adding a sign with the lemonade price! Attach it to your stand with 2 Screws on the top corners of the sign.

  5. Your DIY lemonade stand is now open for business!


NOTE: Elmer’s Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool should always be in the protective sleeve when not in use.



Elmer's Build It Tools turn your child's imagination into real-life cardboard cutout creations. Our kid-safe cardboard cutting and connecting supplies safely and easily create cardboard crafts for kids ages 6+. Ensure safety even when tools aren't in use with the additional security of the snap-on protective sleeve for our Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool.


*Adult supervision required.


Click here to download a PDF of all Elmer's Build It Project Instructions.