Build A DIY Cardboard House | Elmer's Build It Tools Tutorial

Open the door to your dream home made entirely out of cardboard you can find around the house. Make the most of your imagination and use this tutorial to decorate your cardboard box house to your heart's content. Discover how to make a cardboard house for kids to transform into their very own playhouse using cardboard, Elmer's Build It Tools, and a whole lot of inspiration!

Cardboard House Instructional


  • Cardboard Boxes

Elmer's Build It Tools Starter Set:

  • Holepunch & Screwdriver

  • Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool

  • Screws

  • 90" Brackets


  • 1- Gather your cardboard boxes, Holepunch & Screwdriver, Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool, Screws, and 90˚ Brackets.

  • 2a- Flatten available cardboard boxes by opening both ends and cutting down 1 corner. Then, take 1 flattened box and cut out the pictured design for the front and back of the house.

  • 2b- Cut the sides for the cardboard house and leave an equal amount of space on both ends to fold.

  • 2c- Cut 2 rectangles that are proportional to the other parts of your cardboard box house for the roof.

  • 3- Connect front and back (2a) to the side pieces (2b) at the folded parts using Screws and the Screwdriver Tool. Then, connect the roof using 90˚ Brackets and Screws to finalize your cardboard house DIY project.

  • 4- Move on into your new cardboard house!

NOTE: Learn how to make a cardboard house lifesize by repeating step 2 using more cardboard and connecting the extensions using Screws

Elmer's Build It Tools turn your child's imagination into real-life cardboard cutout creations. Our kid-safe cardboard cutting and connecting supplies safely and easily create cardboard crafts for kids ages 6+. Ensure safety even when tools aren't in use with the additional security of the snap-on protective sleeve for our Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool.


*Adult supervision required.


Click here to download a PDF of all Elmer's Build It Project Instructions.