Become a Dinosaur with a DIY Dinosaur Costume | Elmer's Build It Tools Tutorial

Stomp onto the scene like a true roaring reptile by making your own cardboard dinosaur costume. Easily create this dinosaur craft with our tutorial on how to put together dinosaur cardboard cutouts made from any cardboard boxes you can grab. Let your kids roam in the DIY dinosaur costume of their design using the Elmer's Build It Tools Starter Set to bring dinosaur crafts to life- roar not included.

Cardboard Dinosaur Instructional


  • Cardboard Boxes

Elmer's Build It Tools Starter Set:

  • Holepunch & Screwdriver

  • Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool

  • Screws


  • 1- Gather your cardboard boxes, Holepunch & Screwdriver, Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool, and Screws.

  • 2a- Take a cardboard box that’s open on 1 side and cut off the open flaps. Then, cut the pictured jagged teeth design for your dinosaur cardboard cutout.

  • 2b- Using the flaps from 2a, cut out circles for eyes and 2 triangles.

  • 2c- Take a second box that’s open on both ends and cut down 1 corner so that it lays flat. Then, cut the pictured shape and length for the dinosaur's back.

  • 3- Screw eyes onto each side of the cardboard dinosaur head. Then, screw triangles into the back flaps to stabilize the dinosaur

  • 4- Connect the dinosaur's back to the head with a Screw.

  • 5- Try on your new DIY dinosaur costume!

Elmer's Build It Tools turn your child's imagination into real-life cardboard cutout creations. Our kid-safe cardboard cutting and connecting supplies safely and easily create cardboard crafts for kids ages 6+. Ensure safety even when tools aren't in use with the additional security of the snap-on protective sleeve for our Kid-Safe Cardboard Cutting Tool.


*Adult supervision required.


Click here to download a PDF of all Elmer's Build It Project Instructions.