5 fl oz Elmer’s White School Glue

3 tbsp Elmer’s Magical Liquid

6.5 fl oz soft clay

1/2 cup shaving foam*

*Parental supervision required

Cookie cutter

Food coloring (optional)

Measuring cup

Measuring spoons



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In a large bowl, mix 5 fl oz of Elmer’s White Glue with 2 tbsp of Magical Liquid. Mix well.

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Adding 1 more tbsp of Elmer’s Magical Liquid. Continue to mix until slime forms. 

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Now mix in ½ cup of shaving foam and soon you will have fluffy slime!

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Take equal parts fluffy slime and soft clay and mix them together for 6-8 minutes until the texture feels oddly satisfying! Feel free to mix in a couple drops of the food coloring of your choice.

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Play around with it as much as you’d like! You’ll notice over the next day that it becomes harder to squeeze as it is exposed to more air. 

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Once it starts to harden (about 1 day), mold it into the shape you want and let it sit out to dry overnight to a permanent object of your own creation.




2 kids sitting at a table looking at jars of slime