How to Use Elmer’s Washable Liquid Chalk | Elmer's Spray It! Outdoor Play

Go bold with the bright chalk colors of Elmer’s Spray It! Outdoor Play Washable Liquid Chalk to create a chalk art masterpiece of your very own! Transform your neighborhood into a wonderland of washable chalk art and chalk games with just a spray across asphalt, concrete, grass, leaves, dirt, sand, snow, and more outdoor surfaces.

Use our step-by-step instructions to learn how to use Spray It! Outdoor Play Washable Liquid Chalk to go beyond sidewalk chalk and paint the town in vibrant pastel and glow in the dark chalk colors.


How to use chalk sprayer:

  1. Take hold of the closed liquid chalk pouch and shake the chalk contents well.
  2. Unscrew and remove chalk sprayer top from bottle. Do NOT remove the tie securing chalk sprayer tube.
  3. Unscrew the top of the liquid chalk pouch and pour the liquid chalk into the sprayer bottle. (3a) After the liquid chalk pouch is empty, reattach sprayer top to the bottle, screwing it on until tightly secured.
  4. To prepare the liquid chalk spray for use, first pump the nozzle handle 15 – 20 times to pressurize the bottle, followed with a test spray. (4a) If the outdoor spray chalk stream is weak, repump until the stream is steady.
  5. Hold the washable chalk sprayer 6” to 24” above the outdoor surface. Make thinner chalk lines by moving the chalk sprayer farther away from the surface or hold it closer for bolder chalk designs.
  6. Spray chalk drawings of your very own on your favorite outdoor canvas!
  7. *Clean sprayer immediately after finishing use. For refills, follow the how to clean chalk spray instructions below, before the how to use chalk sprayer instructions above.

How to clean chalk sprayer:

  1. Unscrew empty chalk bottle to thoroughly rinse out with water.
  2. Fill with clean water and reattach sprayer top to the bottle, then pump handle to pressurize, and spray water.
  3. Once water runs clear, empty the bottle, and reattach sprayer top. Then, pressurize and spray until only air comes out.
  4. *If clogged, lightly tap the bottom of the bottle and/or clean out bottle and nozzle with water, before pumping to re-pressurize.