FAQ - Elmer's Washable Liquid Chalk | Elmer's Spray It! Outdoor Play

Q: How do I pressurize the chalk sprayer?

  • Pump the handle up and down 15-20 times. If chalk spray stream becomes weak, we recommend re-pumping.

Q: How do I clean the chalk sprayer?

  • Remove the empty bottle and rinse out the liquid chalk using water. Then, fill the bottle with water, reattach it to the sprayer, and pressurize it by pumping the handle up and down 15-20 times. Spray it until the water runs clear. Empty any remaining water, reattach it to the bottle, pressurize it again, and spray until only air comes out.

Q: Can I mix multiple liquid chalk colors in the sprayer? Can I add a new liquid chalk color into the sprayer before cleaning it?

  • Glow in the dark liquid chalks should not be mixed with non-glow in the dark chalk colors, or they will not function correctly. Mixing several non-glow in the dark chalk colors together is possible, as is mixing glow colors with other glow colors, but mixing colors might not look as desirable as unmixed colored chalk.

Q: What liquid chalk colors does Elmer's offer?

  • Elmer’s Liquid Chalk is currently available in Pink, Blue, Purple, Glow in the Dark Blue, and Glow in the Dark Green. Elmer’s is constantly innovating and working on new colors and effects to bring you as soon as we can!

Q: What outdoor surfaces can I use o Elmer's Liquid Chalk on?

  • Elmer’s Washable Liquid Chalk works on a variety of outdoor surfaces including asphalt or concrete for traditional sidewalk chalk art, as well as, grass, leaves, dirt, sand, snow, and more.

Q: What do I do if my sprayer gets clogged with liquid chalk?

  • Lightly tap on the bottom of the sprayer and/or remove the nozzle and clean it with water. If the spray pressure decreases, re-pump it 15-20 times to re-pressurize.

Q: How far away from my surface should I hold the sprayer to create chalk designs?

  • Hold the nozzle 6”-24” above your desired surface. For thinner lines, the chalk sprayer should be held further away from the surface. For a more concentrated chalk spray, hold the nozzle closer to your desired surface to create cool chalk art and chalk games.

Q: How do I remove liquid chalk if it gets on my skin or clothes?

  • Elmer’s Liquid Chalk is a washable chalk, so you can use soap and water to remove it from skin, and standard laundry detergent to remove it from most washable clothing.

Q: How do I remove liquid chalk from my surface once I'm done playing?

  • While Elmer’s Liquid Chalk will come out of most surfaces over time with natural rainwater, we recommend using a water hose with a sprayer attachment to remove liquid chalk from outdoor surfaces once done playing, to best prevent staining. For best results, allow liquid chalk to dry completely before spraying off with a hose. Wet the liquid chalk with hose water and wait 5-10 minutes before spraying it off with the high-pressure garden hose setting. If some residual chalk color remains, sunlight can make this disappear in the coming days. Otherwise, lightly brush it with a broom or nylon brush and repeat hosing as described. Pressure wash as necessary.