Elmer’s X-Treme School Glue Stick - The stronger the glue, the bigger the possibilities.
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Elmer's X-TREME School Glue Stick is made for bigger, tougher projects. Pick a project idea and get started.

See what people are saying

"It works so well, I don't think there are words to describe exactly how well it works."

"Because it worked like you said it would for the most part but there were a couple of things that surprised us about its effectiveness. For example, it glued two pieces of cardboard together and they never came apart. Even with a little person playing with."

"I cannot believe the ceramic tree was fixed with a glue stick. It worked better than expected on felt. It was used for a lot of crafts and there is still a small amount left."

"It seems to be "stronger" than other glue sticks we have used in the past. It worked on materials for which a glue stick is usually not suitable."

"It had very good adhesive. It stuck well and fast for our craft projects. I liked the ease of using a glue stick because it is not very messy."

"It does perform better than a regular glue stick. It lasts longer and has more uses than the original."

"Compared to other glue sticks, this one did the job well the first time and I would only have to buy one of these glue sticks instead of several of the other ones which would add up to the same amount of money."

See what people are saying

Elmer's X-TREME School Glue Stick is specially formulated to work on bigger, tougher projects!

Use it for everything from craft items to science fair and other school projects.

Extra strength formula works on a variety of surfaces, like paper, photos, wood, craft sticks, fabric, ribbon, buttons, gems, craft materials, foam sheets, foam board, poster board, cardboard, some plastics, some metals and much more!

Goes on smooth and clear. It is washable, acid free and photo safe. Washes off easily and out of clothes.

For a more extreme bond, apply liberally to both surfaces. Combine immediate and press down.

Allow to dry 24 hours for the strongest bond.

Cardboard/Poster board
Cotton Balls
Foam Board
Foam (e.g., foamies)
Construction Paper
White/Copy/Printer Paper
Faux/silk flowers
Craft Sticks
Chenille Stems


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