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Magazine Mosaic

Create a colorful mosaic using magazine pictures!

Skill Level: Easy
Time Needed: 45 minutes
Age(s): 7 to 12

Supplies Needed


  1. Sketch the design on a piece of foam board with a pencil.
  2. Look through magazines to find pictures with the colors that you want for your design.
  3. Tear the pictures into small pieces. Sort the pieces into piles according to color.
  4. Arrange the small pieces of paper on the foam board to create your design. Glue the pieces into place. Let the glue dry completely.
  5. Add to your design with Elmer's 3D Washable Paint Pens™. Let the paint dry completely.
  6. Hang up your mosaic for others to see!

Teaching Tips:

  • Introduce the word mosaic to your students. Discuss how it is an art form that consists of creating pictures by arranging tiny pieces of glass, tile, or other objects, like pieces of paper. Discuss how this art form has been around for thousands and thousands of years.
  • Ask students to write a four-line poem to accompany their mosaics. Attach students' poems to the back of their mosaics. Hang the artwork from the ceiling so that they can be viewed on both sides!
  • Encourage students to list some of the magazines they read and are familiar with. Then, have students write articles for a pretend magazine. The articles can be about subjects of the students' choosing. Compile all of your students' writing into a classroom "magazine.