George Washington Wig – Craft Project
Posted Feb 24, 2012 by Elmers
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    Make a George Washington Wig

    Make an old fashioned George Washington wig you can wear for fun! Students can create this fun and easy project if they are participating in a school play or learning about American History.
    • Moderate
    • 45 min
    • 8 - 12
    • President's Day

    Supplies Needed


    • Discuss the life and achievements of George Washington, the first president of the United States. Encourage students to write a short biography of George Washington. Display students' writing around the classroom.
    • Ask students to brainstorm a list of ways we are reminded of George Washington today. Some examples include the one-dollar bill, the quarter, and the Washington Monument in Washington D.C.
    • Talk about the culture of the 1700s, during George Washington's lifetime. Include the style of dress, hairstyles and wigs, and forms of entertainment. Discuss the similarities and differences between that time period and today.


    1. Staple two 2-inch wide long strips of white construction paper together to form a ring. Make sure the ring is large enough to fit around your head.
    2. Staple 2-inch wide strips of paper to the ring. The strips will go over your head. Continuing stapling strips to the ring until you have a dome-shaped hat.
    3. Attach cotton balls to the strips of construction paper with glue. Continue until the entire hat is covered with cotton balls. Let the glue dry completely.
    4. Wear your George Washington wig!


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