Posted Dec 03, 2016 by Elmers
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    Make a Rustic Serving Tray with Gold Arrow

    Cedar wood boards and gold spray paint create this rustic serving tray. This is the perfect DIY project to add a shabby chic touch to your home decor.
    • Moderate to Hard

    Supplies Needed


    1. Cut one of the 3' x 3" x 1" long boards in half. These become the two long sides of the serving tray (about 18" long each).
    2. Measure and cut the other 3' x 3" x 1" board into (2) 12" pieces. These become the end pieces.
    3. Put wood glue on both ends of the 12" long boards and place them in between the long 18" pieces to create the outer rim of the serving tray. 
    4. Secure the 12" and 18" boards together to make the outer rim using a nail gun. If you don’t have a nail gun, you can simply clamp these corners together until the wood glue completely dries.
    5. You can use wood filler to fill in any nail holes (optional). Just be sure to let the filler dry and then sand it prior to staining it.
    6. After the outer rim is created, measure and cut the inside pieces. Use the 3' x 2" x 1″ boards and cut both ends at 45 degree angles so that they'll fit into the box properly.
    7. Sand any rough edges before moving on.
    8. Once the inside diagonal pieces are cut, stain all of wood pieces except the two pieces that will be painted gold to be the accent arrow.
    9. After the boards are stained/painted and dry, use Elmer's Wood Glue to glue the inside pieces together.
    10. After the inside pieces are glued together, set the outer rim around the inside pieces and glue the outer rim to the inner pieces.
    11. Seal the serving tray with a coat of Polyacrylic sealer.
    12. After the tray is dry, add handles and corner brackets as final touch to finish your rustic serving tray!


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