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    Keepsake Coffee Table

    Create a one-of-a-kind flea market flip with an old glass pane window. Created by Jared Walker Dostie | Licensed contractor and design expert for HGTV and Food Network.
    • Moderate to Hard

    Supplies Needed

    • A glass pane window the size of the coffee table you want
    • ¾” plywood or a pine board slightly larger than the window
    • 2 ½” case molding, enough length to go around the perimeter of the window
    • 1 ¼” lattice molding, about 6-8 feet
    • Two small hinges
    • One brass locking lid support
    • (4) 16”-18” table legs
    • (4) Table leg connection hardware
    • Finish nails
    • 150 grit sand paper
    • Elmer's Carpenter's® Wood Glue Max®
    • Elmer's ProBond® Interior-Exterior Stainable Wood Filler
    • White translucent wood stain
    • Power miter saw or hand saw and miter box
    • Finish nail gun or hammer and finish nails
    • Circular saw
    • Paint brush
    • Tape measure
    • Carpenters square
    • Power driver or screwdriver


    1. Measure the dimensions of your window. From these dimensions, subtract ½” from each side to allow for the width of your molding. Lay out those measurements on a piece of ¾” plywood or pine board. Now, cut that rectangle keeping two of the factory edges for a squarer cut.
    2. Miter the molding by cutting a 45 degree angle at one end of a piece of molding. Hold the short side of that angle so that it is flush with one end of the base and mark the other side. Take that mark over to your miter saw and cut a 45 degree angle. Repeat four times until you have wrapped the perimeter of the base.
    3. Lay a generous bead of Elmer’s Wood Glue Max along the base of the molding where it meets the front edge of the table base. Tack it in place with a few finish nails, using as few nails as possible. Most of the strength of the joint comes from the glue. Fewer nails will mean less work when it comes time to stain the piece. Let the glue set for one hour before moving on.
    4. Here’s where you get to customize your keepsake coffee table. Decide how you would like to divide the inside area. Cut lengths of lattice molding and glue them to the base with Elmer’s Wood Glue Max. Let the glue set an hour before moving on.
    5. Using a professional grade stainable wood filler, such as Elmer’s ProBond Wood Filler, place a small dab into each nail hole and wipe the excess off with a damp rag.
    6. With the base turned upside down, place the table leg hardware 2” in from each side at all four corners. Screw in all four legs and turn the table over.
    7. Screw two small hinges on the back edge of the window lid spaced about 4” in from each side. Set the lid on top of the base and screw the hinging into the base. Next, attach your lid support hardware to one side of the table and give it a test open.
    8. Now that you have a functioning keepsake table it’s time to make it look great! Start by lightly sanding the wood filler and any rough spots in the wood with 150 grit sand paper. Wipe everything down with a damp rag. Starting with the table upside down, brush the white wood stain over all of the bottom surfaces. Let the stain set for 5 minutes and then wipe off excess with a clean rag. Turn the table upright and repeat. Apply 1-3 coats depending on your preferred finish. More coats will result in a more solid white finish.
    9. Once dry, fill with your favorite items and enjoy!

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    Posted by Ruth W.
    26 Jan 2015

    I love the keepsake coffee table and Jared is awesome.

    Posted by Ruth W.
    31 Jan 2015

    There is no way to vote on the project rating. I give it a five!

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