Posted May 08, 2014 by Elmers
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    Glitter Glue Flower Garden

    Children will love the colors and sparkles of this 3 dimensional flower garden.
    • Easy
    • 1 hr
    • 5 - 10

    Supplies Needed


    1. Use crayons or markers to create the grass and flower stems on the bottom half of the foam board. 
    2. Cut off one inch of 4 craft sticks (using heavy scissors) to create a flat edge for the bottom of the fence posts.
    3. Use X-TREME School Glue Stick to glue the vertical sticks in place along the bottom of the board. 
    4. Glue another craft stick horizontally on top of the vertical sticks to finish the fence.  
    5. Use Elmer's 3-D Paint Pens Glitter Glue to create the flowers, sun, etc. to complete the picture.   
    6. Let the glitter glue dry completely.  
    7. Display proudly!


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