Flip Flop coasters
Posted Aug 19, 2015 by Elmers
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    Flip Flop Decoupage Coasters

    DIY some drink coasters with your own style!
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    Supplies Needed


    1. Create your own homemade decoupage by combining 3 parts Elmer's Glue-All with 1 part water in a bowl or a mason jar. Mix thoroughly using a craft stick and your decoupage is ready to use! (Note: any leftover decoupage can be stored in a mason jar and used again at a later time).
    2. After you’ve done that, cut out the design you have chosen for your coasters.
    3. Make sure your surface is clean and then use a paint brush to spread a coat of the decoupage glue you created on the tile.
    4. Next put your design down and put another layer of the decoupage glue on top of it.
    5. As your glue dries pick out some Painters paint markers to use with your coaster design.
    6. In this example polka dots were put on each corner in corresponding colors.
    7. After everything has dried put two coats of clear acrylic spray paint and let those dry as well.
    8. Now enjoy your new coasters!

    Created by an Elmer’s employee, Sara W.


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