Posted May 13, 2015 by Elmers
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    Easy Homemade TIC-TAC-TOE Game Board

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    1. First line up 11 craft sticks right next to each other in a row. 11 sticks was the perfect number to create a square and the length of one craft stick.
    2. Then apply a line of glue on each edge of your “stick square” and attach a craft stick on either side.
    3. Set it aside to dry, and make a total of 9 craft stick squares for your homemade tic-tac-toe board.
    4. Then add some color! Use Elmer’s Painters to draw designs on the front of each square.
    5. Decorate 5 with a pink and orange design, and 4 with a blue and green design.
    6. Then arrange them together as close as possible in opposite directions to make your board.
    7. This is the trickiest part. Apply stripes of craft sticks in the joints of each of the squares to secure together.
    8. Attached more connectors and braces on the back of your board where needed, make sure to add extra sticks around the edges where needed to keep the board level.
    9. Now it was time to play! Use whatever markers work best for you.


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