Posted Nov 10, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY No Sew Rope Baskets

    DIY some No-Sew Rope Baskets with our NEW CraftBond Hot Glue Sticks and Guns!
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    1. Begin by forming a tight coil of rope to serve as the base of your basket. Use a new Elmer’s CraftBond® Hot Glue Gun to glue the rope together every inch of the way.
    2. Cover a metal pail with a sheet of parchment paper to provide a layer of protection and to form a barrier against the glue.
    3. When your coiled rope base is the same size as your metal pail, start wrapping the rope tightly around the pail (gluing the rope every step of the way!) to form the shape of your basket.
    4. When the basket is as tall as you want, simply remove the pail from the inside.
    5. To compliment the natural color of the cotton rope basket, you can add a little bit of glam and shine by adding two handles made of rose gold leather.
    6. For a second version of the no-sew rope basket start by cutting a vintage sheet into 1.5” strips (about 1/3 of a full sized flat sheet).
    7. Wrap the fabric strips around the length of rope, and use your Elmer’s CraftBond® Mini High Temperature Glue Gun every 1-2 inches to adhere the fabric to the rope.
    8. Start with a base coil, and then build upon your vessel of choice (in this case, a medium-sized Pyrex bowl) to form the shape of the basket.


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