Posted Jan 13, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY Decoupage Wood Slice

    Use a slice of wood and create this homemade decoupage using Elmer's Glue-All. This DIY project will be a beautiful addition to your home décor.
    • Easy to Moderate
    • 1 hour plus drying time

    Supplies Needed

    • Wood slice (you can find them in craft stores or cut one yourself)
    • Wrapping or scrapbook paper
    • Embellishments (rhinestones, text stickers, etc.)
    • Water
    • Elmer's Glue-All
    • Sponge brush


    1. Create your own homemade decoupage by combining 3 parts Elmer's Glue-All with 1 part water in a bowl or a mason jar. Mix thoroughly using a craft stick and your decoupage is ready to use! (Note: any leftover decoupage can be stored in a mason jar and used again at a later time).
    2. Rip paper into small pieces.
    3. Using the sponge brush, spread a coat of decoupage on one side of the wood slice.
    4. Place a piece of ripped paper on the wood slice and cover it with another coat of decoupage.
    5. Continue layering the paper on the wood slice and covering it with decoupage until you have a full layer of paper. (If more than one coat of paper is needed, continue to build layers on top of the wood slice).
    6. Once your wood slice is fully covered in decoupaged paper layers, let it dry for several hours.
    7. Once dry, embellish your decoupage wood slice with various decorations. You can also apply another layer of decoupage over the top of certain embellishments to increase durability.
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