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Posted May 19, 2015 by Elmers
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    DIY Decoupage Table, Lamp and Journal

    Learn how to decoupage a table, lamp and journal with these DIY steps. You’ll be decoupaging on your own once you’ve learned and practiced these steps. Keep Elmer’s Glue-All on hand for this craft project.
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    Supplies Needed

    For Table, Lamp and Journal:

    • Craft Bond Extra Strength Glue Stick
    • Glue-All Multi-Purpose Glue
    • The Paper Company/TPC Studio, "Time to Travel Collection":
    • 12" x 12" scrapbook papers: two Poste Italiane, one Map and two First Class
    • Two Bicycle Die-cut sheets
    • Matteboard Tags and Rub-Ons
    • Spray products - Design Master
    • Pecan Home Décor Stain
    • Matte Spray Sealer
    • Walnut Gel Stain - DecoArt
    • Misc.: small scissors, ruler, masking tape, paper cup, ½" flat paint brush, foam brush, newspapers and paper towels

    For Decoupage Table

    • 14" x 16" x 20" tall, wood table with shelf
    • Spray products - Design Master
    • Gray Primer
    • Terra Rosa Color Tool
    • Letters to spell "TRAVEL"

    For Lamp

    • 14" tall lamp with gold and brown antiquing.
    • 8" x 12;" tall lamp shade (brown, tan or black)
    • Spray paint, Antique Gold Design Master
    • 2" x 12;" x 5" manila tag with reinforced hole
    • Two gold decorative brads
    • 1" gold plastic seal
    • Two gold chains (old key chain type)

    For Journal

    • 5" x 7" wire-bound, natural kraft journal
    • 2" x 12;" x 5" manila tag with reinforced hole
    • Two gold decorative brads
    • 1" gold plastic seal
    • Four gold chains (old key chain type)
    • 20" lengths of each: brown, maroon and gold misc. grosgrain ribbons and fibers


    Steps to Make a Decoupage Table

    1. Paint Table: In a well-ventilated area, protect work area with newspapers. Spray table with primer and let dry. Then spray with Terra Rosa and let dry.
    2. Plan Paper Pieces: To help in planning layout, on work surface, measure and mark with tape the size of the top of the table. Punch out die-cuts and cut out shapes from papers (saving one full sheet of Poste Italiane for the second shelf). Arrange all pieces, along with "TRAVEL" letters, within taped area on work surface.
    3. Glue Paper Pieces: Use Glue Stick to attach pieces to table, moving one piece at a time from layout area. Also measure, trim and use Glue Stick to attach Poste Italiane sheet to second shelf, leaving extra shelf space showing on two sides of paper.
    4. Stain Table: Spray glued pieces on table surface and paper on second shelf with Pecan Stain. Let dry. To darken edges of pieces, apply gel stain with a flat brush rubbing up against edges and blending out with finger or paper towel. Let dry. Apply rub-ons as desired.
    5. Decoupage Table: Make decoupage medium in paper cup using three part Glue-All mixed with 1 part water. Mix well. Use sponge brush to spread over top and bottom shelves. Papers may stretch and bubble up initially, so smooth air out from bubbles with finger and then go over area with foam brush.  Minor wrinkling will shrink and flatten as it dries. Let thoroughly dry over night and spray table with matte sealer.

    Steps to Make a Decoupage Lamp

    1. In a well-ventilated area, create a mottled look on the lamp shade by spraying with Pecan and spattering with Antique Gold by partially depressing nozzle.
    2. For front motif on lampshade, string one gold chain into the other and then into the hole in the tag.
    3. Stack and use Glue Stick to glue remaining die cuts and shapes cut from papers onto tag.
    4. Spray and antique as you did on table.
    5. Spray with matte sealer and let dry.
    6. Add brads and glue plastic seal.
    7. Attach gold chain to wire on inside of lampshade and hang on front.
    8. Tack glue to hold in place if needed.

    Steps to Make a Decoupage Journal

    1. Follow the Decoupage Lamp Instructions to create same look on front of journal, but glue pieces directly to front of journal and decorate tag to use as bookmark.
    2. Also decoupage and antique back and insides of covers. Antique back and edges of pages.
    3. Fold ribbons and fibers in half and knot onto top wire loop of journal.
    4. String one gold chain into another and then another and hang from top wire loop.
    5. Connect fourth chain to wire loop and to bookmark and insert into pages.


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