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    Decorative Clay Pot

    Turn an ordinary clay pot into a functional work of art!
    • Easy
    • 45 min
    • 5 - 12

    Supplies Needed


    • Talk about the life cycle of a flowering plant. Have students discuss how a flowering plant grows from a seed to a sprouting seed to a young plant with buds to an adult plant with flowers. Ask students to brainstorm a list of things a seed needs to survive and grow, such as water, food, sunlight, and oxygen.
    • Help students conduct a plant experiment. Have students plant two seeds, each in a different small pot. Water both seeds. Place one pot in a dark room or closet without sunlight. Place the other pot on a windowsill where it will receive lots of sunlight. Ask students to guess what they think will happen to the two seeds. Water and check in on the seeds every few days. Have students write about the results!
    • Talk about the different parts of a plant. Then, have students draw a picture of a plant and label its different parts, including the anther, style, ovule, receptacle, pedicel, sepal, ovary, filament, stigma, and petal.
    • Encourage students to create their decorative clay pots as a gift for someone special. Ask students to design a greeting card to accompany their gift. The pot can be filled with a plant or flowers for Mother’s Day or filled with pens and pencils for Father’s Day.


    1. Paint the pot any color you choose. Let the paint dry completely.
    2. Decorate the pot by attaching buttons, yarn, or foam with glue. Let the glue dry completely.
    3. Fill your pot with pencils, flowers, or candy!


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