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    1st School Day Journal & Memory Book

    Create a fun memory book to commemorate your child's first day at school.
    • Moderate
    • 1 hr
    • 7 - 12

    Supplies Needed


    1. Round the outer corners of the foam board so they resemble a composition journal with scissors.
    2. Split the board in half with a craft knife.
    3. Coat each of the outside covers with glue stick and adhere a panel of fabric.  Trim excess fabric around the edge.
    4. Coat the inside covers with glue stick and adhere school themed scrap book paper.  Trim away excess paper with craft knife.
    5. Seal the left edge on each cover with duct tape.
    6. Cut the inside pages to measure 8 3/4" by 11 3/4".  Lay two pages side by side and place a piece of duct tape down the center, connecting the two. 
    7. Turn the piece on the right over (as if you're turning the page in a book) and place a new piece on the right.  Repeat connecting to the other pages with duct tape.
    8. When you have the desired number of pages, connect them to the front cover with duct tape like you have been. 
    9. Place all the pieces together and put another strip of duct tape over the outside biding.
    10. Finish connecting the back page to the back cover.
    11. Decorate the cover like a composition notebook adding book border and "1st Day Journal" stickers.
    12. Fill the inside with great memories of the 1st day of school.

    Designed by Candie Cooper


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