Elmer's Early Learners Glue Pen

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Elmer's Early Learner Glue Pen is designed specifcially for the first users of glue, children age 3-5. Created in partnership with early learning experts at The Ohio State University Schoenbaum Family Center and moms, the glue pen is designed to promote fine motor skill development.  It is  easy for young children to use on their own, building their confidence. 
The Elmer’s Early Learner Glue Pen goes on purple and dries clear.  This allows children to see where the glue has been applied and enhances the gluing experience!  The cap easily twists off. The easy to squeeze triangluar shaped glue pen helps avoid difficulty in dispensing while also encouraging a tripod writing grip.  The shape also prevents the pen from rolling off the table.  The fabric applicator provides controlled dispensing to create art projects using multiple materials such as felt, craft sticks, jiggle eyes, cotton balls and more.  It is also safe, non-toxic and washable. 

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