Make a stained glass kite
Posted Mar 28, 2015 by Elmers
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    Make a Stained Glass Kite

    Make a statement piece for your kitchen window in 30 minutes or less! You will brighten up your view by adding this stained glass kite to a window. This colorful craft is quick and easy, and it’s put together with Elmer’s Washable No-Run School Glue.
    • Easy to Moderate
    • 30 min

    Supplies Needed

    • Washable No-Run School Glue
    • Black construction paper
    • Pencil
    • White chalk (optional)
    • Tissue paper
    • Scissors
    • Clear contact paper
    • Ribbon
    • Ruler


    1. Using a ruler as a straight edge, draw a kite shape on black construction  paper.  Measuring 1” in, draw a second outline of a kite shape. If desired, highlight lines in chalk to make cutting easier.
    2. Cut around the outside edge and around the inside of the kite shape.
    3. With left over black construction paper, cut four to six strips that will be used in your kite design.  Cut tissue paper into squares and/or rectangle shapes.
    4. Next, cut out a sheet of clear contact paper and peel.  Lay the kite shape on sticky side up of the contact paper.  Use black strips to create a kite design.  Using Elmer’s glue, glue the black strips to the kite and trim edges that hang over the edge of the kite.
    5. Position tissue paper on the sticky side of the contact paper and use Elmer’s Glue to reinforce where needed.
    6. Cover the back of the kite with a clear sheet of contact paper.
    7. Cut out the kite, leaving at least a ½” border of contact paper to prevent the contact paper from peeling.
    8. Use Elmer’s glue, ribbon and left over black construction paper to make a kite tail as shown. Glue the kite tail to the kite using Elmer’s Glue.
    9. Display your kite in a window.


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