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Project Popperz Geography Embellishments

Build the perfect presentation from our project ideas in our product showcase

We at Elmer's understand the many projects and presentations you are tasked with each year - for school, for work, in the classroom and at home. We're here to help ensure you are prepared and successful in all of your project and presentation endeavors!

As a manufacturer of quality presentation supplies, Elmer's makes it possible (and easy) for everyone to create the best looking display imaginable!

The inspiring project ideas and creative tips and techniques found in this guide will start you on the road to project success!

Product showcase for project ideas used in classroom projects

Teachers will be as thrilled as students in how great their classroom bulletin boards and learning centers can look using Project Popperz®! PTA and parent groups will be just as enthusiastic when making signs for their fundraisers!

fairs 7 display project idea in our product showcase

Help kids earn badges in scouting, win blue ribbons at 4-H fairs, and take top honors at school fairs using Project Popperz®!

fun home project ideas from using products from our product showcase

Project Popperz® are great at home too - From creating projects for scouts and camp, to decorating and entertaining for birthday parties! The kids will come up with as many uses as you do!

Make creative borders, letters & numbers from our products in our product showcase

  • Repositionable pieces make it easy to peel off one layer at a time and place on board to adjust as needed.
  • For added strength, use Elmer's X-treme Glue Stick® to attach the pieces permanently.
  • Draw dots, stripes, checks and designs using Elmer's® Jumbo Markers.
  • Add stickers or photos to letters and trim even with edge of letters.
  • Double or triple layer with each layer shifted 1/4" over, so that lower layers show.
  • Gently scrunch and flatten to create texture.
  • Use Borders
    between sections
    of information or to
    frame information and
    photos, trimming
    to narrow if

  • Shade edges by inking with an ink pad.
  • Draw designs with Elmer's® Glue-All® and sprinkle with Elmer's® Glitter Shakers.
  • Use one or more layers of CraftBond® Foam Tape or Foam Board to create dimension.
  • Use X-ACTO® Decorative Edge Scissors to trim edges.
  • Use CraftBond® Glue Stick on letters to attach to cardstock and cut out 1/4" from edge.


  • Hold marker upright and create medium width line.
  • Hold marker parallel to paper and create wide line.
  • Hold two or three markers together and draw wavy decorative lines. (Use rubber band to help hold.)
  • Permanent markers also work on other surfaces such as plastic and metal.

negative parts
that punch out
from stencil to
use on craft


  • Place stencils on board to determine placement - To get letters closer together, slightly overlap edges of stencils to simulate position.
  • Use pencil to lightly trace stencils, erasing and redoing if needed.
  • Remove stencils and use Markers to draw along pencil lines or to fill in.
  • Use CraftBond® Scrapbooking Removable Tape to hold stencils while tracing.

Project Popperz® Embellishments

  • Attach Corner Stickers to flat Display Board first, then attach Border trim, going right over folds.
  • To plan letter stickers so that colors can vary, rough-cut apart letters at least 1/4" away from letter edges, cutting through both sticker and release paper layers. This allows you to plan placement without attaching, until you’ve decided which colors of letters to use. Then peel and attach to board.
  • To make letters appear larger, attach to cardstock and cut out, 1/4" away from edge. Or attach to rectangles or shapes and mount onto Display Board.
  • Wait to
    attach image
    stickers until last,
    after you see where
    there are spaces
    to fill.

  • Direct the viewer's eye by placing number stickers on information in the order you want them to read.

Bi-Fold and Tri-Fold Display Boards

  • Select Bi-Fold Board if information is minimal and can be divided into two sections.
  • Select Tri-Fold Board if there is a significant amount of information that can be divided into three sections or one main section (center) with supporting data (sides).
  • When using other Display Boards without Guidelines, use X-ACTO® 12" Metal Ruler to measure from edge to position items that need to be straight.
  • Guideline®
    Display Boards make
    positioning easy! Just
    count the squares
    to center or space

  • To create a display board with different color or patterns, spray paint or cover white Boards using CraftBond® Glue Stick and cardstock, scrapbook or wrapping paper

Foam Board

  • For dimension, use 3/16" or 1/2" thick foam board to mount important data.
  • Use Elmer's® X-treme Glue Stick to attach data to board and trim using X-ACTO® Craft Knife on X-ACTO® 12" x 12" Self Healing Cutting Mat. (When cutting Foam Board, score lightly first and then press more firmly to cut deeper, with several passes of the knife. Make sure to use a clean blade.)
  • Use multiple layers for greater dimension.
  • Use Elmer's self adhesive project stands to stand display upright.

Design Tips

  • Print out information, photos, graphs, drawings, etc. half way through researching the project, just to determine quantity of content and the size the display needs to be. Change sizes and reprint as needed. (Remember to spell check and proof read!)
  • Consider font sizes of printing, from largest to smallest: Board title, headings, sub-headings and information. Be sure size is large enough to read from where viewer stands.
  • Select no more than two style fonts, making sure they are easily readable.
  • Consider that colors coordinate between the Project Popperz® and the mounting papers or colored data. (If you question it, go ask your Mom!)
  • Consider balance between right and left, top and bottom of Board. Balance includes size and number of pieces of information as well as color and black and white.
  • For black and white information add color by mounting onto colored cardstock that is 1/4" – 1/2" wider all around.
  • To make an important area stand out, create contrast by putting a dark item on a light one or vice versa
  • When you think you’re finished:
    • Proof read it all!
    • Stand back to look at it. (Because Project Popperz® are repositionable, you can change something if necessary.)
    • Ask someone else to take a look.
    • Mark with your name and date
    • Photograph it! You’re going to want a picture of this positively perfect Project!